How can you make your party a delightful, shared experience that your guests will remember for years?

Hire San Francisco Bay Area Magician Jeffrey Korst!

Your guests will get an astonishing show, creating memories they'll never forget. You'll get peace of mind knowing your guests are in good hands - and all the credit!

Here you can see how creative event planners have delighted their guests. How will your event be transformed? We don't know, yet! As a professional atmosphere adjuster, I will custom tailor your guest's experience for the event and environment.

Thank you for your interest. Please look around. See what your party can look like. Look at what others say. Then, request a proposal - and together, we'll make your next party the one your guests will always remember!

Come See Some Magic!
Magic is meant to be seen live! Most of my work is for private parties, but some performances are open to the public.

When I'm not busy elsewhere, I perform close up magic at California Magic Dinner Theater in Martinez. This is a beautiful little theater - and a great night out. Come check it out!

Request a Proposal!
My calendar can fill up weeks in advance - especially around the holidays. Solve your entertainment dilemma - call or email me today! Your guests will be glad you did!

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Your Party Could Look Like This!

"It was the most fantastic, amazing experience!"
- Ginny Brenner